Willets Pointers Can’t Believe It, Aerosmith Pushes Back

Workers in Willets Point were shocked when a road crew showed up to do some work. It’s a “warped reality,” writes one reporter. [ITT]

Benjamin Kabak thinks the M.T.A. will put stimulus money into the 7 line extension and the Fulton Street hub, plus lots of unsexy projects. [SAS]

Voters apparently like the millionaire’s tax. [AP]

Andrew Cuomo won $10 million for the state in a settlement with an insurance company. [DN]

Greg Sargent weighs in on — and abets — a pointed difference of opinion between Bill Keller and John Harris. [PL]

Somewhat predictably, Aerosmith is not happy that its song was used in a video to illustrate that the House G.O.P. is “back in the saddle.” [DN]

Bobby Jindal says Louisiana might not take stimulus money, but given that they have a $2 billion budget gap, it seems possible that there’s a political motivation for the announcement. [CBS]