$70 Billion in Requests for $4 Billion in New York Stimulus Funds

In case there was ever any doubt, there’s not enough stimulus money to go around. About $66 billion too little—for New York projects alone—to be precise.

As part of the Paterson administration’s “Economic Recovery Update” on the stimulus spending, the governor’s office sent an email out this afternoon of a draft list of requests it has received for infrastructure-related federal stimulus funds.

The unranked list, a 461-page document with 11,842 projects, totals around $70 billion in requests, according to a spokeswoman for the governor’s office. The state has just $4 billion or so to dole out for infrastructure, said the spokeswoman.

At a quick glance, there seem to be some repeats in the document, thought the list also notes that not all project requests have been included. To be fair, there’s also a disclaimer that not all the projects listed would necessarily qualify, nor is the state endorsing projects.

A sample of some larger projects listed:

  • $497 million for the Fulton Street Transit Center, an M.T.A. project that Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said he (successfully) pushed the governor’s office to fully fund
  • $778 million for Weill Cornell Medical College’s planned new biomedical research building on East 69th Street
  • $650 million for NYU “modernization projects” that include “energy efficiency, fire safety, ADA compliance”
  • $246 million for the Brooklyn Bridge, including “access ramp improvements”
  • $230 million for a new convention center in Albany
$70 Billion in Requests for $4 Billion in New York Stimulus Funds