740 Park’s Mega-Listing: ‘Available’ Still!

Not that there are swarms of highly-qualified co-op buyers running around the Upper East Side with money to spend on 32-room duplexes, but, just in case, there’s some good news about one of the heftiest homes in New York City.

After Michael Gross, who literally wrote the book on 740 Park, reported that Courtney Sale Ross’ gargantuan duplex in that building had come off the market, The Observer called up listing broker Edward Lee Cave. Is the apartment, said to be asking as much as $75 million, still available? “It is,” Mr. Cave said in his perfect half-Southern accent. But what about Mr. Gross’ report? “Who’s Michael Gross?” said the broker. “Do you have a client that would like to see it? Well, let me tell you, they can. And, may I tell you, it is like it always was: It is not ‘on the market.’ If you call Edward Lee Cave, and you are qualified, you can see the apartment.”

So Ms. Ross’ duplex, which was never officially on the market in the first place, is still available! But how much longer will it take to sell? “I think we sold Steinberg in a week, with a bidding war of three bidders,” Mr. Cave said, referring to Saul Steinberg’s sprawl at 740. “That, or very close to that, would have happened if the climate was different.”

Reached via email, Mr. Gross said, “I understand now why my sources are so amused by all this.”