A+ for New York: Merryl Tisch

In further good news for New York students, Merryl Tisch has been elected the new chancellor of the New York State Board of Regents. The state’s three million school kids could not have found a better friend than Ms. Tisch, a gutsy reformer who gets things done while others are still clearing their throats.


Ms. Tisch is that all too rare New York dynamo who gets involved in good causes, gives 110 percent and finds herself thrust into positions of power because she simply cares more passionately, and works harder, than anybody else in the room. To cite a few examples, she is chairperson of the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty, overseeing an annual budget of $100 million. And she sits on the executive committees of the Citizens Budget Commission, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. 

Long an education advocate and expert, she has been a teacher herself, and holds masters (New York University) and doctorate (Columbia) degrees in education. All of which means her new role as regents chancellor will hardly be ceremonial; she will treat it as a full-time commitment and has declared herself a vigorous supporter of local innovation, accountability and higher standards. New York has been a hotbed for educational trend setting and the pursuit of excellence over the past few years. This appointment is a further step in that direction.