Crowley Gets a Fund-Raising Title

Joe Crowley has just been named finance vice chair for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Which means that, between him and Steve Israel, the New York delegation will be doing a bunch of the heavy lifting on bringing in both money and potential candidates for the next cycle.

Here’s the release:


*Van Hollen Taps Congressman Joe Crowley to Serve as DCCC Vice Chair for
Finance *

DCCC Chairman Chris Van Hollen today named Congressman Joe Crowley DCCC Vice
Chair for Finance.  Crowley led the DCCC’s successful Business Council for
the past two cycles.  For the 2009-2010 cycle, Crowley expands his
leadership role at the Committee to include oversight of the Business
Council and the Chairman’s Council. As Vice Chair for Finance, Crowley will
be leading efforts to ensure House Democrats have the resources they need to
protect and expand their majority this upcoming cycle.

“As the DCCC Vice Chair for Finance, Congressman Crowley will provide
invaluable leadership articulating our agenda for change to the business
community and others around the country,” said Chairman Van Hollen.  “I’m
pleased that Congressman Crowley will continue using his expertise and
leadership to ensure House Democrats have the resources we need to get our
message out as we work with President Obama to rebuild our economy.”

Vice Chair Crowley said, “I am looking forward to working closely with
Speaker Pelosi and Chairman Van Hollen to ensure our party has the resources
to get our message out to voters and to protect our hard-earned majority. We
are facing enormous challenges ahead, and it’s critically important that we
have the insight and support of the business community as House Democrats
and President Obama enact our agenda for change.”

As Vice Chair for Finance, Congressman Crowley will work to ensure the DCCC
continues to aggressively fundraise.  He will organize fundraising efforts
by Members and other Democratic party leaders in Washington, D.C. and across
the country in support of the DCCC.  Congressman Crowley first became the
Chair of the DCCC’s Business Council in 2005. The Business Council was
created to work with leaders across America’s business community to provide
the party with responsible insight on a broad range of issues important to
growing our economy. Congressman Crowley will also continue the 26-year
tradition of the DCCC’s Chairman’s Council, which provides threatened
incumbents with the strong support they need from Committee Chairman to win
their tough races.


Crowley Gets a Fund-Raising Title