Elsewhere: A Porcupine’s Plea, Bloomberg and Vallone

At Second Avenue Sagas, Benjamin Kabak writes that firing the head of the M.T.A. would be “petty and short-sighted,” given that the authority’s problems aren’t really Elliot Sander’s fault.

Bouldin thinks the Senate plan has a few merits.

Michael Bloomberg tended to a swooning member of the audience when he was giving a speech this morning.

Bloomberg gets some national scrutiny from First Read, which wonders if the “brazen” term-limits extension  would “have received more attention — and possibly criticism — had it occurred when the world wasn’t fixated on Obama vs. McCain.”

The mayor is dropping in on Peter Vallone‘s fund-raiser.

Yes, Eliot Spitzer appears to be subtly bashing Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo announced another settlement.

WPIX interviewed Jim Gennaro about hydrofracking; Gennaro has started an online petition against it. (via sustaiNYC)

Mike McNulty’s first private sector job?

Jim Tedisco will be in 3-D, but not debating, tomorrow night.

Seneca leader Barry Snyder is in a bind.

The dueling fund-raisers of Long Island.

For the record: the state Sheriff’s Association is not taking sides in the supermarket-wine negotiations.

Bernie Madoff’s accountant conducted fake audits for 17 years. He’s been charged with fraud.

Here’s the actual contract that’s supposedly forcing A.I.G. to commit political suicide.  

Remember when Terry McAuliffe helped Barack Obama become president? No?  

Americans are buying lots of guns now.  

Wasilla and Charybdis.

And below, a porcupine’s plea for the zoo funding David Paterson has cut.


Elsewhere: A Porcupine’s Plea, Bloomberg and Vallone