For Diaz, Lots of Signatures, Few Opponents

Bronx Borough President candidate Ruben Diaz Jr. today unloaded a gigantic volume of signatures to get on the ballot for the April 21 special election, a traditional gesture to indicate depth of support.

Not that it’s necessarily needed: Rivera now has a straight path to the office, now that that field has been cleared of his leading opponents, city councilmen Joel Rivera and Larry Seabrook.

The Bronx Democratic County Organization, which is backing him.

In a brief telephone interview, Bronx Democratic County chair Carl Heastie, a Diaz supporter, said, “I didn’t make any deals around the issue of the Borough President’s race.”

Heastie also noted that Diaz’s signatures were collected in just a few days, one of which was a big snow day.

For Diaz, Lots of Signatures, Few Opponents