Gwyneth Paltrow’s Bikini Waxer to Pen Book About “Being Sexy”

Beautician Janea Padilha has sold a lifestyle book called Brazilian Sexy—with advice on “on love, life, and being sexy”—to Penguin imprint Perigee, in a five-figure deal.

Ms. Padilha is one of the J Sisters, the Brazilian doyennes of waxing who run the 57th Street salon where celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Lindsay Lohan, Cameron Diaz, Sarah Jessica Parker and Uma Thurman have gone to get neat and trimmed. (Like many other celebrity clients, Ms. Paltrow has her headshot up in the waiting room with the note, “You changed my life!!”)

“In the book, I talk about what happens in the room where I work,” Ms. Padilha told the Daily Transom in a thick Brazilian accent. “My clients are always telling me I should write a book—I give all my clients very good advice about beauty, about men, about life.” Is this the same advice she gives her celebrity clients? “Oh, yes. All of them.”

The Daily Transom wondered whether some advice will include waxing tips. “It’s hard to explain how they can do it for themslves, but there will be a little bit about the clean body,” she said. 

Ms. Padilha will relay her wisdom to author Martha Frenkel, who will do the actual writing of the book. Meg Leder, the Perigee editor who acquired the book, pronounced the beautician the most confident woman she’d ever met.

“She is known not for only being a great salon person to visit—she does all of their waxing—but also for giving her clients very candid advice about how to feel good about themselves, how to feel confident about their relationships,” said Ms. Leder. “We’re sort of modeling it on French Women Don’t Get Fat, but this is more about what Brazilian women and Janea in particular can teach you about being confident, sexual, beautiful, powerful. It’ll have some beauty, grooming and waxing tips, but it will also be more about confidence.”

The book will be published in 2010.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Bikini Waxer to Pen Book About “Being Sexy”