More Populism From the Thompson Campaign

Bill Thompson continues to drive home the message that he's more in touch with regular New Yorkers than his mayoral rival. According to an aide, Michael Bloomberg "may live in a different world."

One day after Forbes named Bloomberg the richest New Yorker, Thompson's campaign manager sent out this message to supporters:

"During these tough economic times, services like affordable health care and quality education are more important than ever.


Meanwhile, Mayor Bloomberg is singing an entirely different tune. Just last week he rejected the concerns of those protesting service cuts, saying that "deep down inside, I assume, they understand we live in a different world."

Mayor Bloomberg may live in a different world – but Bill Thompson lives in our world. Bill believes that the city should be there to support all of its families – especially in times of need."

The email links to a page on Thompson's website which carries the headline "Bill Thompson: A Mayor for Working New Yorkers."

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