Morning Read: Bloomberg’s Endorsement, Weiner’s School Plan, Spitzer’s Interview

Willie Neuman writes, “Many directed their anger over rising fares at the authority or Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg.”

The economy is impacting politics: Chung Seto says, “The good thing is that with technology, we don’t have to rely on TV and print ads, like in the old days.”

Michael Bloomberg’s network should “jazz up” its presentation if it wants to capitalize on CNBC’s recent problems. According to Marketwatch, “Its vanilla style has become predictable.”

Bloomberg tried tempering public outrage over A.I.G. bonuses on “Meet the Press” this weekend.

On October 16, Andrew Cuomo didn’t have a problem with A.I.G.’s bonuses.

Somebody watching Bloomberg on “Meet the Press” thinks he should run for president.

Didn’t we settle that?

One woman thinks his “police” are cute.

Bill Thompson’s campaign manager said, “It’s no blow at all” that the reverend of a well-known African-American church endorsed Bloomberg.

Anthony Weiner’s position on mayoral control puts him closer to Bloomberg than Thompson,” says Elizabeth Green.

Representative Eliot Engel’s district office in the Bronx violates local zoning rules.

David Paterson makes the wood of the Daily News and the New York Post, with two unflattering stories.

A four-year-old report detailing Paterson’s mismanagement of the State Senate “was discovered tucked in a filing cabinet at the Legislative Office Building in Albany.”

Paterson now reportedly wants to temporarily tax the rich.

The Working Families Party wants to consult with the next public advocate over who they’ll put on the City Planning Commission.

The probe of Adolfo Carrion continues.

Cy Vance’s district attorney campaign is trying to minimize the role of aide Jessica De Grazia.

“Malcolm Smith will today start the legal process for raising your fares and cutting your service,” the Daily News editorial board writes.

Ben Smith ponders the road back for Eliot Spitzer.

Charlie Rangel is optimistic that the ethics probes will vindicate him.

In the Lower Hudson Valley, a lot of people consider taking pay cuts.

In Westchester, Robert Astorino is running for county executive again.

In Yonkers, pension for police and firemen are expensive.

On Staten Island, the new president of a local Republican club says he won’t be controlled by Guy Molinari.

At Room 8, Mary Miller recounts a hearing on mayoral control.

Cindy Adams previews part of the Inner Circle Show this weekend.

Sandra Day O’Connor does not want to say if she voted for John McCain.

And here is Eliot Spitzer on CNN yesterday, reflecting on his prostitution scandal.

Morning Read: Bloomberg’s Endorsement, Weiner’s School Plan, Spitzer’s Interview