Morning Read: Bloomberg’s Horse, Klein’s Offensive, Greenwood’s Replacement

Michael Bloomberg’s daughter, Georgiana, breaks a two-year drought and wins an equestrian contest. Her horse’s name: Street of Diamonds.

Michael Bloomberg cut funding to groups that was requested by the City Council. is not impressed with Michael Bloomberg as a stock picker.

A Broadway actress vents about Bloomberg’s plan to eliminate cars from Broadway.

Anthony Weiner’s spokesman said they returned donations his campaign received from foreign models, who, legally, can’t donate to his campaign anyway.

To save mayoral control, Joel Klein is attempting “a charm offensive.”

In Woodside, Eric Gioia and parents protest the city’s plan to cut transportation for school kids living in the Big Six Towers.

Teacher Union president Randi Weingarten led a “huge” rally that called for more taxes on the rich, and less spending cuts.

Tenant Planet thinks John Liu has a good chance of winning the comptroller’s race.

A blogger on Room 8 slightly disagrees.

Inwoodite calls into question Adriano Espaillat’s support for congestion pricing and opposition to bridge tolls.

To reach Kirsten Gillibrand, do not call Hillary Clinton’s old phone number, for now.

Gay City News has info on two lesbian women David Paterson just appointed to the bench.

The New York Post editorializes against Bill de Blasio.

In Queens, the Forum channels a classic Daily News headline.

The American Spectator gives credit to Alec Baldwin for a particular New York tax policy.

In North Salem, Paul Greenwood resigned. Warren Lucas was appointed the town’s new supervisor.

In Dutchess County, Republicans are angry that Democrats are giving jobs to Democrats.

Joe Addabbo’s sister was burglarized.

In Islip, private eyes are investigating people seeking disability payment.

In Smithtown, a former official may plea to corruption charges.

In Southampton, a fight about allowing a dog in City Hall.

Here’s a sketch of the mugger Ed Skyler foiled.

Eliot Spitzer buys a building with a view of the Mayflower Hotel.

Sanjay Gupta is not going to Washington.

Page Six still doesn’t love Rupert Murdoch’s biographer.

And here’s a John Liu interview with a Bronx outlet.

Morning Read: Bloomberg’s Horse, Klein’s Offensive, Greenwood’s Replacement