Morning Read: Stripper Tax, Bloomberg’s Operation, Islip’s Change

Eric Holder will speak at Columbia on May 19.

Here’s a “Free Madoff” sign I saw in Williamsburg yesterday.

Sheldon Silver has a column in the Daily News advocating reform of the Rockefeller Drug laws, which has passed the Assembly but not the Senate.

“Kirsten has inspired the band to get back together,” said one of Hillary Clinton’s former spokeswomen.

Gillibrand is the new Chuck Schumer, says Jay DeDapper.

Tom Robbins looks at how Michael Bloomberg financed activities by Patrick Brennan, Taharka Robinson and others in order to help Republicans in the Senate.

Michael Bloomberg will announce that the priorities for stimulus funding are the Brooklyn Bridge, Staten Island Ferry Terminal, and to improve infrastructure at Hunts Point in the Bronx.

Here’s more on the Anthony Piscitelli getting fined for lobbying City Hall too quickly after his departure.

Cityfile offers helpful Spanish phrases for Bloomberg.

Bill Thompson, Dave Kerpen and others are attending an breakfast about the economy in Queens this morning.

KT McFarland will be on Fox’s Strategy Room from 1 to 2 p.m. today.

The New York Post editorial board says Obama is following Bloomberg’s lead on education.

Assemblyman Felix Ortiz of Brooklyn wants a tax on going to strip clubs.

Juan Gonzalez doesn’t like Bloomberg’s plan for Randall’s Island.

In Nassau County, a Democrat fired by Republicans was awarded $1 million.

In Islip, Caesar Trunzo called a May 26 meeting to pick his successor as head of the county G.O.P.

In Queens, no casino at the Aqueduct.

And here’s video of Michael Bloomberg yesterday saying even if the city gets federal stimulus money, it’s not enough to fix all the budget problems.

Morning Read: Stripper Tax, Bloomberg’s Operation, Islip’s Change