Morning Read, Upstate: Taxes Galore, This Nanny State

State leaders will bridge a budget deficit by taxing people earning over $500,000 and raising the sales tax.

David Paterson would also like to tax stores that sell cigarettes.

As Senate minority leader, Paterson governed like a maitre d’, according to an internal reported he commissioned back then.

Good morning: your train fares are going up, the Daily News reminds you.

David Paterson said Sunday he was skeptical that lawmakers would meet the deadline to prevent those hikes.

A poll on Paterson’s fortunes (or misfortunes) will be released this hour.

A new study shows New Yorkers aren’t as free as they might be.

Democrats in the State Senate say they’re fighting to restore STAR rebates.

If lawmakers pass a budget on time, it likely won’t contain needed spending cuts.

In the past three years, Jim Tedisco has distributed a total of $1,452,100 in member items.

His congressional race against Scott Murphy is still focused on the federal stimulus.

Tedisco spins his delay in declaring support for the measure as needed deliberation.

Bob Conner asks where the local issues are.

The economy declines, more students apply to SUNY colleges, and standards rise.

Some state agencies are greener than others.

Representative John Hall’s brother dies.

And below, here’s Libertarian Eric Sundwall explaining that he is not a spoiler:

Morning Read, Upstate: Taxes Galore, This Nanny State