Murphy Outraises Tedisco

ALBANY—Scott Murphy raised slightly more money than Jim Tedisco in their race for Congress, federal campaign finance records show.

Murphy took in a total of $899,161 so far during the election cycle, with a sizable amount from bankers and financial professionals, some people from his native Missouri, members of the New York congressional delegation as well as Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer, the D.C.C.C. and lots of people with the last name Hogan. Murphy also loaned his campaign $250,000.

Tedisco raised $836,612 through his regular campaign and another $40,000 through his Freedom PAC. A lot of the money is coming from around the Capital Region, including donations from the owners of Stewarts and Price Chopper as well as some members of the Republican conference in the Assembly. Tedisco has loaned himself $200,000 since declaring his candidacy, including an $80,000 infusion on March 11.

More details as I dig through them.