No More Mean Girls? Gossip Girl’s Dreama Walker Is Coy About Whether She’ll Be Back Next Season

dreama No More Mean Girls? Gossip Girls Dreama Walker Is Coy About Whether Shell Be Back Next SeasonWhen the  22-year-old actress Dreama Walker strolled into the Stephen Weiss Studio in the West Village on Thursday, March 12, for the opening of a photo exhibit called “The Character Project,” the Daily Transom wasn’t quite sure it was the girl who plays the sharp-tongued—but adorable!—Hazel on Gossip Girl. (Frankly, we’ve never understood why the producers didn’t just use the actors’ real names on the show. Dreama, Leighton, and Blake are as precious Upper East Side names as Blair, Hazel, and Serena.)  

Ms. Walker was dressed in sophisticated high-waisted black pants and a silky royal blue top; the kinky curls installed into her hair to make her look of high-school age on the show were gone.

Before complimenting Ms. Walker on her grown-up look, we needed to get something out of the way. Where has Gossip Girl been the past few weeks?

“I know! I know! Everyone keeps asking when it’s coming back but I think the 16th is definitely the new episode and it’s scandalous as usual,” said Ms Weaver. (We got the feeling she’s been answering this question a lot lately.) “We’re graduating this year so it will be interesting to see what happens. I unfortunately will not be in the finale, because my sister is getting married.”

Speaking of the finale, the Daily Transom wondered if we’ll be following all the Upper East Side beauties to their boring suburban colleges. What will happen to the show once it moves out of 10021?

“I Know! It’s like, are we all going to be held back at Constance Billard because we’re all so bad?” asked Ms. Walker. (Apparently she didn’t know either—or at least pretended not to.) “My character is actually not very smart, so you never know.”

Is the rest of the cast freaking out about being replaced by younger and perhaps even more villainous characters?

“No, no. I think everyone already knows that we’re being renewed for a third season so everybody is just anticipating something.”

But Ms. Walker seemed less certain of Hazel’s future. In fact, she seemed to almost be hinting at something.

“I have loved being on the show and would love to be on it for the third season, I really, really would, but I’m not sure if the mean girls are really needed in the third season,” she said. “I think they’ll probably be bigger fish. It’ll be girls that are even meaner than us that come along with college.”

The Daily Transom told Ms. Walker that in our experience, the mean girls weren’t quite as mean by the time we got to college—or maybe we got better at managing them. Considering this, Ms. Walker seemed to change her position.

“I would hope that girls are at their mean peak in high school because you’re still immature enough to be that way,” she said. “Then you grow up and you realize there are more important things than being terrible. So hopefully they become more docile in the third season.”