Poll: Paterson Sinks Lower, Somehow. Gillibrand Too.

ALBANY—A year after he became governor, David Paterson’s job approval rating has slipped to 19 percent, according to a new poll released today.
On top of that, the poll by the Siena Research Institute found that fewer than one third of the 626 registered voters surveyed view Paterson favorably—just 29 percent. Twice as many—58 percent—view him unfavorably. And if Attorney General Andrew Cuomo were to run against Paterson in the Democratic primary, he would hypothetically win by 50 points—67 to 17.
“The speed of his falling numbers is staggering,” said Siena’s pollster Steve Greenberg in a public statement. “Two months ago, 60 percent of voters viewed Paterson favorably, and now it’s less than half of that.