Siegel Wonders if The New York Times Still Loves Mark Green

Last week I asked which public advocate candidate will be the first to start bringing up the past political lowlights of Mark Green, whose name recognition has arguably made him the early front-runner in the race.
Turns out, it’s civil rights attorney Norman Siegel.
At a candidate forum last night hosted by the Stonewall Democrats, Siegel was asked who he thought The New York Times would endorse for public advocate.
Siegel said it’s not an easy question to answer, then went on to detail what he intimated was Green’s fall from grace within the liberal establishment.
“Mark, I think, did a good job, but as I’m finding out, a lot of people—he has the name recognition [but] there’s a negativity because of certain things he did in the 2001 campaign and with regard to the 2006 campaign,” Siegel said.