Tedisco Grilled Again On Stimulus, This Time It’s Dicker

ALBANY—Fred Dicker just spent four minutes grilling Assembly Minority Leader Jim Tedisco about his position on the economic stimulus bill, which has become a major issue in his campaign against Democrat Scott Murphy in the race to succeed Kirsten Gillibrand in Congress.

Dicker said that enough time had gone by where Tedisco should have been able to review the bill. Tedisco repeated that he would support the bill with amendments. Then Dicker pressed him on what would happen if those amendments had failed, which seems likely in a Democrat-controlled Congress.

“Well, I’m not going to discuss what I would be doing on a hypothetical to that extent when it’s an 1,100-page document, because it’s not as simple as that. And he’ll just keep asking me question after question after question,” Tedisco said. “What I’m trying to get to is the fact of the issues which relate to creating jobs and turning around this economy and my record of doing that.”

The interview was on WGDJ-Talk 1300. A podcast will eventually be posted here.