The Soda Tax Is Far From David Paterson’s Mind

ALBANY—The soda tax is dead. Really.

David Paterson, speaking on WCBS 880 radio, said that even though he and legislative leaders may have to re-open the budget later this year, he will not include any of the nuisance taxes he originally proposed in his budget, then took off the table.

“We’ve taken the soda taxes, the iPod taxes, we’ve taken them out,” Pasterson said.

“There’s a report you might revisit that, though,” the radio anchor said.

“Uh, no. It’s out,” Paterson replied. “We’re going to pass the budget today – it’s out.”

The questioner pressed: “In the future, maybe?”

“This is something that I had said, and let me just clarify it, I said that the budget is still plummeting,” Paterson said. “In other words, we’re still – our revenues have fallen off a cliff due to Wall Street’s problems and because of the national downturn in the economy. Just said that if we are in the position where we would continue to lose money, then we would have to revisit just about everything, not just the taxes, but we would have to really think about widespread cuts to workforce or cutting into some of our previous issues.”

The Soda Tax Is Far From David Paterson’s Mind