The Week in DVR: Our Favorite Underrated Actor, Pre-nose Jennifer Aniston, and Funny People on Starz

Monday: Gossip Girl
After going into hibernation for the winter, Gossip Girl returns tonight to make the grown ups who watch feel bad about themselves. Since the show hasn’t aired in nearly two months, here’s a refresher: Dan Humphrey is busy screwing his teacher, who looks younger than him; Chuck Bass is honoring the 10th anniversary of Stanley Kubrick’s death by participating in a subplot straight out of Eyes Wide Shut; and creator Josh Schwartz is trying to find new ways to cover the pregnant belly of actress Kelly Rutherford. Tonight’s episode, cheekily titled “The Age of Dissonance,” features a school play, so you’d be wise to expect at least one All About Eve reference. [The CW, 8 p.m.]

Tuesday: Leprechaun
To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day (or maybe to denigrate it, we’re not sure) the Sci-Fi Channel is running four of the Leprechaun movies throughout the day. We’ll only bother with the first film though, especially since it gives us a chance to see a pre–nose-job Jennifer Aniston brandishing a shotgun while protecting a pot of gold. Yep, it’s that kind of movie. [Sci-Fi, 3 p.m.]

Wednesday: Better Off Ted
With the exception of Samantha Who?, you might have to go all the way back to The Wonder Years to find a good sitcom that premiered on ABC. So we don’t have a whole lot of hope for this new series, which looks a little too much like a less funny version of Arrested Development. “That guy” Jay Harrington (trust us, you’ve seen him in a bunch of television series, most recently Private Practice) stars with some help from Portia De Rossi, no doubt killing time until the Arrested Development movie starts filming later this year. [ABC, 8:30 p.m.]

Thursday: Hoosiers
Since he hasn’t made a movie in nearly five years, it might be time to start calling Gene Hackman retired. And if that’s the case, what a career it was. We’d venture to say Mr. Hackman is the most underrated superstar actor of his generation. He never got the press of Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson or Al Pacino, but just take a look at his IMDb page and marvel at how many great movies he made (by our count, 21). Hoosiers, airing no doubt in conjunction with the start of the NCAA Tournament on Thursday afternoon, showcases one of his best performances—and allows him the opportunity to give a rousing locker room speech. In our book, Mr. Hackman is forever a winner. [Encore Drama, 3:50 p.m.]

Friday: Party Down
We’ve already seen the pilot episode for this new series from Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas and America’s Sweetheart Paul Rudd, and we can say unequivocally that it’s … not bad. Basically The Office (more UK than US) set inside the world of a Los Angeles catering company, the problem with Party Down is one of gluttony. There are simply too many funny people on this show. The cast is fantastic—Ken Marino (The State), Adam Scott (Step Brothers), Martin Starr (Freaks and Geeks), Jane Lynch (Role Models) and Lizzy Caplan (Mean Girls)—but trying to get everyone at least one funny line per 30 minutes is like spinning plates. Here’s hoping Messrs. Thomas and Rudd figure out how to do it in the remaining nine episodes. [Starz, 10:30 p.m.]

The Week in DVR: Our Favorite Underrated Actor, Pre-nose Jennifer Aniston, and Funny People on Starz