Tommy Hilfiger Gets Grungy With a Line of Jeans and Leather Jackets From Marky Ramone

On Wednesday, March 5, the Ramones’ former drummer, Marky Ramone, was seated with his legs crossed on a leather couch inside a trailer parked in front of the Tommy Hilfiger store in Soho. Outside, a line stretched to the end of the block of party guests waiting to get into the store to view the line of punk-inspired clothes that Mr. Ramone designed for Mr. Hilfiger. Mr. Ramone would also be performing later in the evening with his band, the Blietzkrieg.

“See I put some stud work here, here, and here,” said Mr. Ramone, pointing out the metal studs lining the pockets, belt and backside of the self-designed jeans he was wearing. “And I put the holes in myself.”

Mr. Ramone, who is well into his 50s and still has chin-length black hair, was also wearing a leather jacket from the collection with a zebra print lining that he showed off to the Daily Transom. “Feel that. It’s so silky!”

Mr. Ramone and Ms. Hilfiger have known each other for about two decades—from back when the drummer played in a band called the King Flux with Andy Hilfiger, Tommy’s brother, in the ’80s. Tommy used to come hang out at the rehearsals.

“He always liked rock, hip-hop, punk rock,” said Mr. Ramone. “I think a lot of rock people are going to like this line, which is something he wants to jump into. This style and the Ramones thing is just a lot more popular now. But I didn’t want the jeans to look like a pair of Levi’s—I wanted them to be a little cooler.”

Inside, Tommy’s daughter Ally and a tall, handsome friend were greeting guests like Paper magazine’s Mickey Boardman and ubiquitous photog Sylvia Miles. (Paper was hosting the party.)

The faded and identically torn studded jeans, leather jackets and graphic tees looked a little sad hanging on the racks, if only because there was a distinctly mass-produced quality to the line—in contrast to all the authentic thrift-store leather jackets and rock T-shirts worn by the guests roaming around.  But according to Andy, senior VP of events and entertainment at his brother’s company, who was also wearing one of the leather jackets, the line is identical to what he and Mr. Ramone used to wear when they were younger.

“We always wore tight black jeans, T-shirts and leather jackets,” he said. “We were a punk metal band in New York playing at like CB’s and everywhere. In the early days, before King Flux, Tommy was actually our manager. He booked us in the clubs upstate and dressed us all in rock ‘n’ roll clothes he got from Manhattan.”

The Daily Transom wondered if a designer line of punk clothing Mr. Ramone was a sign of selling out.

“It’s a very small capsule collection and we only have it in our own stores,” he replied. “It’s not like a celebrity line. It was inspired by Marky.”

Tommy Hilfiger Gets Grungy With a Line of Jeans and Leather Jackets From Marky Ramone