Vas tells Spicuzzo he intends to serve out his term as local party chair in Perth

In his first conversation with embattled Assemblyman Joe Vas (D-Perth Amboy) since Vas absorbed corruption charges from the state Attorney General’s office nearly two weeks ago, Middlesex County Democratic Organization Chairman Joe Spicuzzo urged the former Perth Amboy mayor to resign his seat as chair of the local Democratic organization.

“I told him it would be better for all concerned if he did resign,” said Spicuzzo, who spoke with Vas this morning. “He told me he’s done nothing wrong and does not intend to give up his chairmanship. So we’ll let the process play out. His term is up in early June.

“He also defended the party over there in Perth Amboy and challenged recent quotes in the paper that his organization is floundering,” Spicuzzo added.

Gov. Jon Corzine, State Party Chairman Joseph Cryan and Assembly Speaker Joe Roberts have all called on Vas to resign his Assembly seat in the face of state bid-rigging and theft charges, but Spicuzzo said Vas gave no comment in that regard during their brief conversation.