Weekend in Review: Close to an M.T.A. Agreement, Far From Prosperity

The Daily News editorial board challenges Malcolm Smith to show some leadership in negotiations over the M.T.A.

The deal could be done by tomorrow.

The idea that management of the authority should be streamlined is supported by Michael Bloomberg.

Fred Dicker says a Democratic primary challenge to Paterson is “all-but-certain.” And, he adds, Andrew Cuomo could do it.

Paterson is messing with the Regional Greenhouse Gasses Initiative he signed onto, but none of the other members seem to care much.

An Urban Elephants blogger writes that Marty Golden pushed Craig Eaton to let Michael Bloomberg on the ballot because Golden wants to run for Mike McMahon’s congressional seat--with Bloomberg’s support. [via BRJ]

When Basil Smikle was hired by Bloomberg, his mother asked him if it was going to get him in trouble with Hillary.

Mike McMahon is the freshman whip, and submitted his first bill, a measure about mental health screening for veterans.

Bill Thompson’s Twitter feed is encouraging readers to visit http://www.thompson2009.com/richpeople.

Brodsky says the Yankees haven’t produced subpoenaed materials.

Louise Slaughter and allies are trying to get a stations for high-speed rail incorporated into RenSquare.

Liz says the Irish for Mike volunteers were out in droves in the Rockaways yesterday for the parade.

This could be the longest recession of the post-war era, writes the A.P.

Asked on Meet the Press if we might need another stimulus plan, Chuck Schumer said, “I think we have to see if this one works.”

The Times looks at the recession in the Rockaways.

Kirsten Gillibrand still hasn’t gotten into Hillary’s old office.

So, so much more than the public needs to know about Eliot Spitzer’s indiscretions.

“Most chairmen wave the party flag; Mr. Steele smiles and shreds it,” writes Jodi Kantor.

Weekend in Review: Close to an M.T.A. Agreement, Far From Prosperity