Will Bloomberg Meet the Manhattan Republicans?

A spokesman for Michael Bloomberg declined to say whether the mayor is planning to attend the mayoral candidate screening of the Manhattan County Republican Committee, which could impact whether the fifth and deciding county chairman votes to allow the mayor into their primary.

When asked if Bloomberg will attend the May 6 screening, Bloomberg spokesman Howard Wolfson emailed to say, “No comment.”

A Manhattan County official said they have not received word yet whether Bloomberg will attend, but said that in order to be considered, he must attend.

As Michael Barbaro noted, Bloomberg met the county chairmen, but not the rank-and-file Republican who serve on their respective county committees. Since Bloomberg is not a registered member of their party anymore, he needs permission from at least three county chairmen to allow him to run in their primary. The county committee in Brooklyn voted last week to let him in, and the chairman from Staten Island indicated he’s supportive of Bloomberg. The chairmen from Queens and the Bronx have publicly criticized Bloomberg and signaled they will oppose Bloomberg.

The chairwoman from Manhattan, Jennifer Saul, has said she’ll vote based on the recommendation of her county committee after all the candidates are screened.

Will Bloomberg Meet the Manhattan Republicans?