Christie files $185k for matching funds

Former U.S. Attorney Chris Christie filed $185,254 in new donations to his gubernatorial campaign with the Election Law Enforcement Commission today.

If certified, that $185,254 will get Christie another $370,508 in matching funds from the state. Including today’s filing and assuming it gets tripled, Christie has raised $3.66 million so far.

Christie’s rival for the GOP nomination, Steve Lonegan, also filed today, with $137,135 in new submissions, which is approved will get him $274,270 more in matching funds.

GOP candidates David Brown, Richard Merkt and Brian Levine did not raise the $340,000 needed to qualify for matching funds. Governor Corzine has said he will not take matching funds, and none of his Democratic primary opponents – Roger Bacon, Carl Bergmanson and Jeff Boss – qualified.