Dinowitz Sees Change Coming to a Bronx City Council Seat

Here’s Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz sending a warning to City Councilwoman Maria Baez.

Speaking at a dinner in Riverdale last night, Dinowitz said electing Carl Heastie as the new Bronx Democratic leader was just the beginning of changes to come.

“With his leadership, I know there are going to be many more wonderful things happening in the Bronx. We got elections taking place this year. I won’t get into specifics , but, um, maybe there’ll be some changes in other district or districts for Council, for example,” Dinowitz said. “Not to name names.”

That got some oohs and aaahs from the crowd.

Later, Heastie assured City Councilman Oliver Koppell, “Oliver, I think Jeff was not talking about you.”

Dinowitz later told me he was indeed referring to Baez, who backed the former county leader, Jose Rivera, during the coup. Baez, at the time, also accused Dinowitz of “fighting, actually physically fighting with our delegates” during the county leader vote.