Elsewhere: Flu Madness, Labor Unrest

Michael Bloomberg wants everyone to stay calm over this flu stuff. About 20 more cases have been confirmed.

Malcolm Smith’s wife and Peter Vallone’s daughter may have swine flu.

We do not have to wear masks, says a C.D.C. official.

Although 14 people were shot yesterday, and there were 13 shootings in the Bronx this weekend, crime is apparently still falling.

The M.T.A. probably can’t give raises, which raises the prospect of labor unrest.

State agencies are starting to warn employees about coming layoffs, but there are no names named yet.

Mr. Peabody draws attention to a D&C editorial that criticized the Senate Democrats expansion, which he thinks is a waste of money.

A think tank released a report with suggestions for responsibly developing the Buffalo waterfront, a project that has been long delayed.

Five members of Congress were arrested during a protest in front of the Sudanese embassy today.

Grab the popcorn: Randi Weingarten will debate Eva Moskowitz on NY1.

Elsewhere: Flu Madness, Labor Unrest