Elsewhere: State Stimulus Projects Announced, England Adores Michelle Obama

Here’s the list of projects that will get federal stimulus funds from the state.
North Brooklyn residents want the park space the city promised them in exchange for rezoning the waterfront for condos.
The Eliot Spitzer tour continues.
Staten Island is pretty much definitely going to back the mayor.
Assemblyman Joe Lentol guest-blogs on NAG about possible fare hikes.
Choire Sicha thinks the mayor is being manhandled by Goldman Sachs.
Bruce Ratner is buying again.
Carolyn Maloney just became the first of Kirsten Gillibrand’s possible Senate challengers to pay her quarterly dues to the DCCC.
Noam Scheiber raises a serious question about the Merkel-Sarkozy G-20 position on regulation, then makes a surrender-monkey joke. Michelle Obama was greeted with “here-come-the-Beatles-like shrieks of delights” at an English school, got choked up at one point as she talked to  the students, then spent several minutes dispensing hugs.
There’s a fight over the high line.