‘Mad Men’ meets ‘Blade Runner’

Tired of your old life? A new one awaits you on the off-world colonies. Or it did 28 years ago, when Ridley Scott cooked up the fake ad that gave Blade Runner so much of its texture. You can see that ad and 24 other classics of the genre at Den of Geek’s unimaginatively titled (but totally fun) list “Top 25 fictional ads in sci-fi movies.”

Advertisements from Children of Men, Minority Report, and John Carpenter’s They Live — which inspired Shepard Fairey’s classic “Obey Giant” campaign — all make the cut. So does the new high-energy miracle food advertised in Soylent Green. Schlockmeisters like Paul W.S. Anderson (Death Race 2008) rub shoulders with auteurs like Alfonso Cuarón (Children of Men). But Paul Verhoeven, who has always bridged the schlock/art divide, reveals himself to be the true master of the form: Three of his films are represented, and the Verhoeven-like Robocop 2 appears twice.

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