Happy Dump Day, Albany!

ALBANY—Attention state senators: if you have a pile of bills to introduce, you had better do it today.

According to spokesman Travis Proulx, the “unlimited bill introduction period” ends today at 5 p.m. Afterward, each senator will be limited to introducing 10 more bills for the remainder of session.

Senate staffers know today as “dump day.”

This provision has been in the Senate rules since the early 1990s, and takes place every fourth Sunday in April.

This is unlikely to cause many major hiccups, but may be a problem for legislators who have not been proactive in dealing with local matters.

Also, since bills must have a sponsor in both houses, Assembly members have to meet the deadline, even though the Assembly does not have a similar provision.

“From Wednesday until now, I’ve probably found sponsors for about 20 bills that I’m working on,” Assemblywoman Amy Paulin said. The Democratic takeover has changed the dynamic among legislators, with lawmakers looking for different sponsors they’ve had in previous years.

“It’s almost like working with family in a way, because you’re in the same party,” Paulin said. “You can find people with a similar ideology a little more easily. The question is, can they pass the bills?”

Happy Dump Day, Albany!