Hipster Grifter Writes a Well-Wisher: ‘Yes, I Have Made Mistakes’

Ms. Bullock said she was first contacted by Ms. Ferrell on MySpace sometime in 2005. The two emailed sporadically until 2008, when Ms. Ferrell told Ms. Bullock she was moving to New York. “She emailed and said, ‘Hey, I’m moving to New York, do you have any advice?’ I told her about neighborhoods and where she might look for a job. Then she told me she already had a job, which was why she was moving,” said Ms. Bullock.

According to Ms. Bullock, Ms. Ferrell told friends she had a job working for the West Coast concert promotion company GoldenVoice, in their New York office. Which, it should be said, does not exist.

“There was always confusion as to where the GoldenVoice office was. She would tell me it was in SoHo. Then she would say, it’s in Crown Heights. But I think that was just a plot to stay over at my friend’s house. She would stay there for days at a time and he wouldn’t have the balls to tell her to leave. She’d say, my office is close to here, can I stay over? Where her office was depended on what was convenient to her.”

Ms. Bullock continued: “She would be on g-chat all day and would invent all these errands she had to run. It kind of amazes me how detailed she was with it. One day she was like, I saw the cutest guy ever outside my work. He was riding on a skateboard, and he was holding a suitcase, and he was the hottest guy I’d ever seen.

“No one ever met her co-workers. Through me, she became friends with my friend Whitney. She told Whitney, ‘I was on MySpace today and this guy I work with saw your profile and wants to meet you! We’re going to be at this show tonight, do you want to meet him tonight?’ Whitney was like, yeah, sure, great. They get to the show and she points to this guy. She’s like, that’s him. Kari goes and talks to this guy and points at Whitney. The guy didn’t seem to know [Kari]. It seemed as if she was just going up to this random guy and saying, here’s my friend who likes you. The night goes on and the guy eventually talks to Whitney but he had no idea who Kari was. She was like, you work with Kari? And he was like, no. When Whitney confronted Kari later, she was like, he was just joking, that’s our joke, we work together.

“She was always promising someone something, or having something to offer.”

(Ms. Bullock also said that she witnessed Ms. Ferrell send another one of her infamous “I want to give you a handjob with my mouth” notes to a barback at Beauty Bar in early October.)

Hipster Grifter Writes a Well-Wisher: ‘Yes, I Have Made Mistakes’