Hipster Grifter Writes a Well-Wisher: ‘Yes, I Have Made Mistakes’

You’ll recall yesterday we reported that in Salt Lake City, Ms. Ferrell repeatedly scammed friends and acquaintances through a rather simplistic check fraud scheme, in which she would tell her friends that her account, in which she had thousands of dollars, was frozen due to fraud, and would they mind depositing these checks for her in their account and giving her the money? We weren’t sure whether Ms. Ferrell had tried the same scam in New York, but Ms. Bullock assured us that she had.

“Pretty early on, after meeting her, she told us there had been some kind of fraud in her bank account in Salt Lake City. Someone had stolen her identity. She had all this money in this account but she couldn’t get it out because it was under investigation. At one point she logged into her account on my computer and she had all this money in her account, like $3,000, and it said, ‘Account frozen.’ I believed that someone had stolen her identity. From then on she’d always say, ‘I don’t have any money,’ and people would buy her dinner and things. Then she said, I have this tax rebate check I need the money from, but I can’t deposit it in my account because it’s frozen. Will you deposit it and just give me the money? I’ll wait until it clears, your bank will tell you if it’s fake, and you can just give me the money.”

Ms. Bullock said she immediately felt uncomfortable about Ms. Ferrell’s proposal. Ms. Bullock told Ms. Farrell that her bank would only allow her to take a large amount of money out right away if she had that amount of money in her account to begin with. So, Ms. Bullock said, Ms. Ferrell moved on to two of her friends. One of them told her no right away. The other eventually said he would do it, but on the day they were supposed to meet at the bank, got cold feet. “She kept bugging him to do it, and he finally said, I don’t feel comfortable doing it. She would whip out the check every now and then—at brunch she would rifle through her wallet and say, this is that check. I didn’t get a close look, but it just looked like a normal check”—not, Ms. Bullock clarified, one from the IRS.

After Ms. Ferrell told the group she had cancer, she would disappear periodically, telling them she was in the hospital. One day Ms. Bullock got a text saying Ms. Ferrell was in the hospital and was going to have surgery. Later that day, Ms. Bullock got another text from her that said, “Hey do you want to hang out later?”

“I was like, aren’t you having surgery today? And she said, oh no, it got canceled. So I was talking to my friend, and I was like what the hell, one minute she’s having surgery and the next it’s canceled, and then she wants to hang out? Then she told my other friend that she had had the surgery, and it was fine, and she was done for the day and she wanted to go dance.” Ms. Bullock soon confronted Ms. Ferrell, and she and her friends stopped hanging out with her.

Last month. Ms. Ferrell contacted Amanda Ferri, a blogger and production manager at CollegeHumor, out of the blue. Her first email read:

If you are looking for a girl that will let you throw your proverbial hot dog down her hallway, while simultaneously singing theme songs from nationally syndicated television programs of the late 70’s and early 80’s, then you’re in luck!

Also, it helps if you like run-on sentences, because apparently I use them somewhat frequently.

I can haz friendship?


Korean Abdul-Jabbar

The two exchanged several more emails after that. On March 29, over a week after she’d been fired from Vice, Ms. Ferrell wrote to Ms. Ferri: “I work for Vice magazine, being an all-around bitch (events coordinator/assistant publisher)… When are you available? I took this next week off, so let me know if yer free.”

Hipster Grifter Writes a Well-Wisher: ‘Yes, I Have Made Mistakes’