Hipster Grifter Writes a Well-Wisher: ‘Yes, I Have Made Mistakes’

The day before, she’d told Ms. Ferri she’d gone to South by Southwest and was laid up in the hospital for a week afterwards with a gall bladder infection.

We also heard from someone who encountered Ms. Ferrell in Philadelphia:

“A few months ago, my then-BF told me this Asian girl named Kari with terminal cancer was hanging around his group house in South Philly. A few of the roommates are in this band that plays in Williamsburg a lot. I assume that’s where they met her. He told me she lived in NY but had come to visit Philly a few times and stayed at the house (the house has many transient guests) and it appeared she was getting her kicks while she still had time. He thinks that she slept with a couple of his roommates. And she tried to sleep with him while we were still together- there was a party at the house, I wasn’t there, and she attempted to stick her hand down his pants but they were too tight. He told me that he turned her down. (Let’s hope so!) We had a few conversations about her sad situation, and wondered what would WE do if we were terminal? Would we be traveling between Philly and NYC in order to sleep with band guys? I wouldn’t.”

The email from our Philadelphia correspondent continues: “Then about a month ago his roommates told him that they found out she was lying about the cancer, and that she was wanted in Utah. We didn’t know her last name at the time so we couldn’t look it up.”

Her former roommate Alex Grubard did know her last name—but was unable to get the police to do anything. “We found her wanted poster the night of the Super Bowl,” Mr. Grubard wrote in an email to The Observer. “We called the SLCPD and they said they weren’t going to do anything, but we should kick her out immediately. Tried to get ahold of her, but by that point she was sleeping in Greenpoint every night and hadn’t slept at our apartment for weeks.”

That account dovetails with the account of a source at Vice, who told me that after the magazine staff found out who she was, they contacted police in Salt Lake City, who told them they were powerless to do anything about Ms. Ferrell without an extradition order. However, now that an extradition order has been approved, she can be arrested in any state and extradited back to Utah. Mr. Ross, of the Salt Lake City police, said that if anyone does see her—in New York or Philadelphia—they should contact their local precinct. Calling the Salt Lake City police is helpful, but, as Mr. Ross said, “We’re not going to come out there and just start chasing her around New York.”

Hipster Grifter Writes a Well-Wisher: ‘Yes, I Have Made Mistakes’