Joel Rivera’s Challenger Withdraws, None Others Are Forthcoming

Well-funded City Council challenger Radame Perez has withdrawn from his bid to unseat Joel Rivera of the Bronx, and the head of the Democratic Party in the borough said the organization is not looking for another candidate.

Bronx Democratic County Leader Carl Heastie said in a brief telephone interview that even though “there was always an assumption” he himself would try ousting Rivera, he isn’t going to.

The assumption was out there, in part, because Joel is the son of Assemblyman Jose Rivera, the former Bronx Democratic leader that Heastie ousted in a dramatic coup last year.

“We’re not looking for a challenger against Joel,” Heastie said.

He’s looking to build lasting relationships with people who want to unite with his new entourage, Heastie said, not to make quick alliances to exact revenge.

“I don’t believe in political one-night stands,” Heastie said.