Morning Read, Upstate: Harding’s Indictment, Paterson’s Same-Sex Marriage Gamble

Former Liberal Party chairman Ray Harding was indicted on charges he took cash to help get former state comptroller Alan Hevesi’s son elected to the Assembly.

“The brazenness is breathtaking,” Cuomo said of the scheme.

Some aides to former governor George Pataki were also mentioned, but not named, in the indictment.

Barrett Wissman, a hedge fund manager, pleaded guilty to charges in connection with the pay-to-play scheme.

At the annual Republican dinner, Newt Gingrich urged Rudy Giuliani to “take this state back.”

Pataki pledged to help “Rudy or whoever for governor.”

Richard Ravitch proposed an amended plan for the M.T.A. which includes tolls on the East River bridges, but let businesses making deliveries and ambulances cross for free. Fees on cab rides and parking are also included.

State Senator Carl Kruger, who has been a very vocal opponent of bridge tolls, said Ravitch’s plans are “the plans of a lunatic.”

Introducing and passing same-sex marriage will be a defining moment for David Paterson, Errol Louis says.

New Archbishop Timothy Dolan said before his installation yesterday, which was attended by Paterson, that he will be “articulate” on same-sex marriage. That is, oppose.

Albany tea party attendees focused on the state’s new budget.

Congressional candidate Scott Murphy holds an 86-vote lead over his opponent, Assemblyman Jim Tedisco.

A judge in Poughkeepsie ruled that most of the challenged ballots should be opened.

A spokesman for the State Board of Elections tells Bob Conner that it does not plan to extend the deadline for military ballots.

So far, five people have announced they will get into the mayoral election in Syracuse.

Three prisons in northern New York are slated to close.

And below, video from yesterday’s the tea party in Buffalo:

Morning Read, Upstate: Harding’s Indictment,  Paterson’s Same-Sex Marriage Gamble