Never Mind the $100 M.: Doc Gets $75K in Rent for 15 CPW Duplex

One year and six days ago, a biotechnology venture capitalist and major Republican donor named Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald paid $30 million for an 18th-floor duplex at 15 Central Park West, the third most expensive apartment sold in the hugely buttoned-up new condo.

But before the next month was over, he had already told The Times that he had turned down offers for “as much as $100 million,” which didn’t make much sense once his brokers sent out a memo just a few days later saying the apartment was available for $90 million.

But Dr. Rosenwald won’t anytime soon be making $100 million, $90 million or $30 million on the four-bedroom, 5,870-square-foot apartment. According to two sources, the apartment, which was widely assumed to be the most expensive listing in New York City, has now been rented for $75,000 per month.

On the one hand, that’s a pittance if you consider it would take exactly a century of renting the place at $75,000 for Dr. Rosenwald to make the $90 million he once wanted. And when his giant terrace space is included in the tally, he’s getting around $10.8 per square foot on the apartment, well below what Alex Rodriguez is paying for a much smaller rental in the building.

Still, the fact that he found someone willing to pay more than twice A-Rod’s monthly rent during such a disgustingly slow time is awfully impressive. “I think that’s a good price, I do,” Margaret H. Bay said this week. “It sounds good to me.” She’s in charge of the massively expensive rentals at the Waldorf Towers, where a $75,000 suite was cut to $50,000 in January—and three listings between $90,000 and $140,000 have not been rented out for anything longer than the short term, she said. (Donald Trump is asking $200,000 for a Trump Park Avenue duplex penthouse.)

Three Brown Harris Stevens brokers associated with Dr. Rosenwald’s listing did not respond to interview requests. But Richard Cantor of Cantor Pecorella, who represented the renter, said his client is a single man in the film business. “All I can tell you is that he’s involved in Hollywood—but that he’s not an actor.”


Never Mind the $100 M.: Doc Gets $75K in Rent for 15 CPW Duplex