‘New Era Democrats,’ Fans of Republicans, Endorse Bloomberg Again

New Era Democrats, a group of that has endorsed Michael Bloomberg in the past two elections, just came out for him again.

“We need him more than we’ve needed anybody because with the economy as bad as it is, we need someone who knows how to deal with figures,” said supporter Mary Sansone.

The organization has a pretty strong Republican lean, despite the name. State Senator Marty Golden was a member, and it previously endorsed both George Pataki and Rudy Giuliani.

Its web site, which looks like it hasn’t been updated in awhile, says, “N.E.D.’s primary goal is to develop and promote candidates who are honest, capable leaders who espouse positions on issues that are consistent with the philosophy and objectives of our organization, irrespective of that candidate’s political party affiliation.”

The endorsement, which was posted on the Bloomberg campaign YouTube channel, comes amid some grumbling from Democrats about Bill Thompson’s campaign.

‘New Era Democrats,’ Fans of Republicans, Endorse Bloomberg Again