Paterson Will Let Members Rest, Forgo His Member Items, Tax Limbaugh Anyway

In a Q&A with reporters after the ABNY breakfast this morning, David Paterson said he would give lawmakers “a little time out—a little cooling off period for a couple of days” before asking them to consider M.T.A. funding plans again. Paterson said he would not ask lawmakers to stay in Albany during the Easter-Passover vacation.
Paterson said he did ask lawmakers to give up millions of dollars in member items, but did not criticize them for not actually doing it. Paterson added, “I have forgone my member-item money.”
As Paterson was walking away from the podium, a reporter asked how he feels about conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh saying he’ll leave New York because of tax increases on higher-income earners.
Paterson walked back to the podium and joked that if he’d known, “I would have thought about the taxes earlier.”