Sometimes, Bloomberg Pollsters Ask Negative Questions Because They Want to Know the Answers

This morning’s Times story about a series of polling calls that included negative information about Anthony Weiner gives the impression that the calls were a form of Bloomberg-campaign “push-polling.” The article never asserts this directly.
The piece leaves that to a Weiner aide, who says that the calls sound “suspiciously like” a push-poll, and to Weiner pollster and adviser Joel Benenson, who says, as an apparently general observation, that push-polling is a “dishonorable” practice. Also, tellingly, the the headline—”‘Survey’ Calls Attack Bloomberg Rival”—puts quotes around “Survey.”
Taken overall as a piece of journalism, it’s a useful article (by a good reporter), revealing what seems to be the Bloomberg campaign’s thinking about Weiner’s potential vulnerabilities—and indicating the fact that the Bloomberg campaign also continued to take Weiner somewhat seriously until at least mid-March,