Today in Tribeca

We’re knee-deep in Tribeca Film Festival craziness! Somehow our invitation to the sparkly celeb-studded Vanity Fair party got lost in the mail (cough), but just because Woody and Larry and Bono have cleared the premises doesn’t mean there’s not an awful lot still going on.

For the unwashed masses, the beautiful weather should help with a big turnout tonight at the Tribeca Drive-in down at the World Financial Center Plaza and the screening of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. We’re talking about the great Paul Newman! And Robert Redford! Plus, other screenwriters (including Aaron Sorkin and Tony Gilroy) will be in attendance to celebrate, including the film’s writer, William Goldman. The movie won’t screen till dusk, but we suggest trying to get yourself down there right when the park opens at 6:15.

Elsewhere, there will be a premiere for Don McKay way downtown at the scarily named BMCC Tribeca PAC. The film, directed by Jake Goldberger and starring Thomas Haden Church, Elisabeth Shue, Melissa Leo and Pruitt Taylor Vince, has a kick-in-the-stomach premise: Don McKay (Mr. Haden Church) receives a letter that his girlfriend from high school (Ms. Shue) is dying and wants him to come back. Ack! Things unfold, but beware of the thriller twist. And yes, there is a fancy party at an even fancier rooftop bar, but you won’t be able to get in so don’t bother.

Also premiering is The Eclipse at the SVA Theater. Co-written and directed by handsome Irishman Conor McPherson (who won a Tony for the awesome The Weir), this romantic film starring Ciarán Hinds, Aidan Quinn (!!!) and Jim Norton is about a widower adjusting to life with his two young children before being drawn to a supernatural-fiction writer (Iben Hjejle from High Fidelty).

At the same theater will be quite the scene for the premiere of the documentary Outrage by Kirby Dick (This Film Is Not Yet Rated). The film deals with the insanity that is closeted politicians who publicly campaign against the LGBT community. Look for former N.J. governor Jim McGreevy, activist Larry Kramer and blogger Mike Rogers in this film that will surely get lots of people talking.

Today in Tribeca