Bloomberg, Term Limits and the State of the Economy

At a press conference in Queens this morning, Michael Bloomberg announced the city is getting $32 million in federal stimulus funds for job training. At the event, Bloomberg struck an optimistic note about the economy, saying, “I’m reasonably optimistic that we’ve turned the corner.”

Later, I tried asking him if the coming upswing in the economy he was talking about meant that he and others oversold the city’s fiscal problems when they lobbied the City Council to extend term limits last year.

Bloomberg said it wasn’t a serious question.

City Room has a transcript of the exchange.UPDATE: More on the mayor’s response to my question (he followed up by calling me a “disgrace”) here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here. UPDATE: Bloomberg spokesman Stu Loeser called to relay an apology from the mayor.