Donating to the Public Advocate Candidates: A Kennedy, Two Ferrers, Three Liberal Writers and a Mogul

For Eric Gioia, there are signs of major institutional support coming from one Kennedy family member, a Schumer aide, and the new city clerk (who landed the job in no small part because of the Queens County Democratic Organization.)

Bill de Blasio got money from Fernando Ferrer and City Councilman Domenic Recchia, who supported extending term limits as de Blasio fought against it.

Mark Green picked up money from contributors to the Huffington Post, the Daily Beast and The Nation, plus Harvey Weinstein.

And Norman Siegel got money from Luke Henry, who was accused of being a straw man in the race last year against Sheldon Silver.

Here are the details, from the public advocate filings:

Bobby Kennedy donated $100 to Eric Gioia.

City Clerk Michael McSweeney donated $25 to Gioia on March 12, the campaign confirmed. In the filing, Sweeney’s job is listed as “City of New York attorney.”

Richard Thayer, who is listed as a “Friends of Schumer staffer,” donated $50 to Gioia on May 6. Thayer is a “finance assistant” for that Schumer committee.

City Councilman Domenic Recchia contributed $1,000 on May 11 to Bill de Blasio.

“Bill and I always had a very good working relationship,” Recchia told me. When asked if he was endorsing de Blasio, Recchia said he’ll comment publicly on that in a few days.

Fernando Ferrer and his wife Aramina contributed a total of $2,000 to de Blasio on May 11.

Luke Henry donated $125 on April 3 to Norman Siegel.

Danny Shea, the media editor at the Huffington Post, donated $75 to Mark Green on April 28.

Harvey Weinstein gave $1,000 to Mark Green on May 11. (UPDATE: Green also appears to have gotten $4950 from Star Trek producer J.J. Abrams.)

Isabel Wilkinson, whose job is listed as a “writer” at The Daily Beast, donated $75 on April 28 to Mark Green. The Daily Beast says Wilkinson is an intern.

Richard Lingeman, a senior editor at The Nation, donated $25 to Mark Green on May 5.