Janele Hyer-Spencer Travels Light

Janele Hyer-Spencer is, I believe, the only Assembly member who commutes by motorcycle.

(If there are others, I’d love to know.)

Here’s a shot of her bike, which a reader sent in this morning. It’s Yamaha V-Star and the license plate says simply, “Janele.”

“It’s very green and economical,” Spencer, who represents parts of Brooklyn and Staten Island, told me in a brief interview. She said she’s been riding since she was a kid, enjoys it as a hobby, and uses it to raise money for veteran and children’s charities.

She said she goes from New York City to Albany, “180 miles, one-way, on one tank of gas, with some left. It’s definitely an economical way to travel.”

Hyer-Spencer added that she keeps her suits in a saddle bag, and takes every safety precaution.

“I ride in a full-face helmet,”she said.

Janele Hyer-Spencer Travels Light