Morning Read, Upstate: Inching Toward An M.T.A. Deal as Paterson Sinks Lower in Polls

Down in the polls, David Paterson proposes a spending cap.

(More than half the voters surveyed said they would rather see Eliot Spitzer as governor.)

Two more Democratic state senators sign on to an M.T.A. bailout deal.

It’s not clear that the new framework, while passable in the senate, is palatable to Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver or David Paterson.

Paterson said a plan, at this point, need not address the capital needs of the M.T.A.

This is a reversal, and Bill Hammond says the governor is like Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.

No capital funding means failure, the Daily News says.

The Teachers Retirement Fund is down 10 percent.

Now in western New York, Kirsten Gillibrand urges people to think of getting stimulus funds like playing hockey: flood the goal with shots.

State Senator George Maziarz is becoming quite the attack dog, with some speculation he may one day want to be the majority leader.

Democrats are happy with Representative Paul Tonko, a fellow Democrat.

Empire Zone tax credits have been delayed.

Opponents of mayoral control are rallying today at the Capitol.

And below, here’s a video of Marist College pollster Lee Miringoff talking about Paterson’s new standing in the polls: