Tilden Club Backs Thompson, Liu, de Blasio, Aborn; Lambda Split on Comptrollers

After two rounds of voting, the Samuel J. Tilden Democratic Club in Manhattan voted to endorse Bill de Blasio for Public Advocate, according to an attendee there.

The results after the second round of voting was 16 for de Blasio and 9 for the second-place finisher, Norman Siegel.

In the comptroller’s race, the club voted to endorse John Liu. He got 20 votes, David Yassky got 13, Melinda Katz got 2 and David Weprin got 1.

The Tilden Democratic Club also voted to endorse Bill Thompson for mayor and, after two rounds of voting, Richard Aborn for Manhattan district attorney.

And a meeting last night of the Lambda Independent Democrats of Brooklyn, according to a source, the club split evenly between Yassky and Liu for comptroller. The club will vote again on June 4th.

UPDATE: I’m told that Lamdba also voted to endorse de Blasio for public advocate.