VSL:WEB // How well do you know your friends and neighbors?

Zogby, shmogby: Urtak is conducting public opinion polls that let the public ask, as well as answer, the questions.

Created by recent Harvard grads Marc Lizoain and Aaron Gibralter, the site asks its visitors to come up with questions that then become part of the rapid-fire poll that subsequent visitors take. (Each question requires a simple YES, NO, or DON’T CARE response.) Someone wanted to find out whether anyone else had flying dreams — apparently, half of us do. Another reader asked: “Is George W. Bush more dangerous than a monkey with a razor blade?” (Seventy-five percent of the site’s visitors thought so.) “Are you addicted to anything?” was a question we didn’t quite know how to answer — given that we’d just gotten hooked on Urtak itself.

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