ABC News’ Prime-Time Obama Special Attracts 4.7 Million Viewers

After all the controversy, ABC News’ prime-time town-hall-style interview with the president, Questions for the President: Prescription for America, put up so-so ratings on Wednesday night. 

At the 10 p.m. hour, the special, moderated by Diane Sawyer and Charles Gibson, attracted 4.7 million viewers. That’s slighly more than half the audience that tuned in earlier this month to watch NBC News’ prime-time special, Inside the Obama White House, which drew 9.1 million its first night and 9.0 million on night two.

Despite all the media attention prior to the broadcast, ABC’s Questions for the President finished last in its hour.

But on a brighter note for ABC, when the special continued in Nightline‘s usual slot, it topped the competition, averaging 4.25 million viewers vs. Conan’s 3.66 million and Letterman’s 3.23 million.