After the Coup: Landlords Get a ‘Reprieve’

Mike McKee was in the State Capitol Monday afternoon, eagerly awaiting Tuesday. For the past three years, the white-haired, bearded activist had devoted his efforts almost exclusively to passing sweeping new rent regulations in the State Senate that favor the city’s one million–plus stabilized tenants.
As of early afternoon Monday, the chamber’s housing committee was slated to vote the next day on a far-reaching bill he had championed, and Mr. McKee was expecting a heavy activist turnout. “We told everyone, ‘Wear your T-shirt,’” he said, referring to the bright red “Real Rent Reform” shirts that tenant organizers have handed out.
By his count, he had all the votes needed to pass in the committee and head to the Senate floor, where he said he had “30 or 31 votes” of the 32 required for a full repeal of vacancy decontrol, for instance.