Carroll Explains the Unimportance of the Term-Limits Question

Quinnipiac pollster (and former New York Times bureau chief) Mickey Carroll, is out with a new poll today about Michael Bloomberg. (Tomorrow, the public advocate and comptroller candidates!).

Here’s Carroll explaining why he doesn’t ask about a certain, well-worn topic anymore.

“In the past, we have asked about the third-term business. People did not like the change in the term limits and they think it ought to be restored–after this election,” he said.

“Quinnipiac has asked it a couple of times and what it shows is people think it’s a bad idea, but they still like Bloomberg,” he said.

They also “don’t blame him for the change,” Carroll said.

Here’s how Carroll quantified the damage Bloomberg will incur because of the term-limits extension: “Instead of getting, you know, 58 percent, you get 56.”