DAs, Golden, Push Tape Supposedly Showing Drug Offenders Love New Drug Law

ALBANY—District attorneys from around the state, led by Staten Island’s Dan Donovan, released this tape recording (caveat: it contains explicit language) supposedly of an incarcerated inmate talking with an associate out of jail, proclaiming newly enacted restructurings of the state’s drug laws are creating “the beast.”
“Now that I know I’m never gonna face no real time,” the inmate says, “if I do catch another one, I’ll be a first time offender anyway, ya know what I’m saying?”
Critics of the laws seized upon the recording immediately.
“When you’ve got the bad guys on tape saying it’s drug protection, and a tape that says there’s the drug protection act, that’s exactly what’s going to happen when they know that there’s no penalty,” State Senator Marty Golden told me by phone.